hello! i am moksh shah, a student at georgia tech studying computer science with a focus on system architecture and computer intelligence. i am deeply interested in making cool software products and working with great people. i'm a full stack engineer at heart and i love working on building beautiful uis with clean, efficient backends. my go-to tech stack consists of react and go, but i am always open to learning new technologies.

right now, i am working on a few projects in the realm of sports technology that i'm very excited about, both as a developer and equity holder. concurrently, i spend my nights working on a legal ai start-up that aims to make e-discovery and document review cost effective, especially for small practices.


software engineer and founder @ avalon

feb 2024 - present

since february 2024, i've been working as an engineer and technical lead at avalon in berkeley, ca. alongside a talented team of three engineers, i've been developing a retrieval-augmented generation chatbot tailored for law firms. this chatbot automates eDiscovery and drafts motions and briefs by leveraging tens of thousands of case files using technologies like pinecone, nextjs, dynamodb, typescript, and go. i've also spearheaded the creation of a web socket file transfer pipeline to aws s3, ensuring efficient downstream feeding into our rag model. moreover, i've optimized our language models with langchain to assess the probability of case wins, aggregating metrics from various documents to enhance decision-making processes.

machine learning engineer @ meaglabs.xyz

jan 2024 - present

i was hired as a machine learning engineer at megalabs, an ai venture firm. i, along with four other engineers, created a react app using the t3 stack (typescript, trpc, tailwindcss) for a sports data conversational assistant. i also built an intelligent sql agent with aws bedrock, aws athena, langchain, gpt 4.0, and aws open search that could generate and run complex sql queries on its own to answer user questions in python. on top of that, i put together a mongodb-backed interface to keep tabs on thousands of user queries and check how accurate our models were during alpha testing.

lead engineer @ opsmpro

may 2021 - present

since june 2023, i’ve been the go-to person for all things tech at opsm pro in ottawa, ca, as their lead full stack engineer. i built our main e-commerce site using the mern stack (mongo, expressjs, react, nodejs) from the ground up. integrating the stripe api, i set up a system to handle over a dozen products and subscriptions, helping us process more than $1,000,000 in payments each year. plus, i designed and implemented mysql databases to keep all our user and customer info safe.



an edtech platform that connects students with college counselors to help them get into their dream schools. i built the entire platform from scratch using the meen stack (mongodb, expressjs, ejs, nodejs) and integrated the stripe api to handle payments. i also created a custom admin dashboard to manage user data and track counselor availability.


a powerful ai-powered api generator and serverless hosting provider that fully automates generating apis from mongo schemas. created using the mern stack.


a sports blog that discusses interesting statistical phenomena in sports. built using the mern stack and modeling and graphing done in python using sklearn, matplotlib, pandas, and pytorch.


if you want to get in touch, feel free to email me at mshah415 [at] gatech [dot] edu.